Skep Making Day


Saturday 21 October 2023

Venue: BBKA Headquarters, Stoneleigh Park

Cost:    £40  STOP PRESS This course is now fully booked.

Did your bees swarm this year?  How did you collect them?  In a cardboard box or a plastic tub?  Whatever you used, the best item is always a skep because it can be left outside while the bees gather.  If it’s hot, the bees will be kept cool.  If it rains they will be protected, as it is made from thatching straw, so will do the same job as a thatched roof.

The skep making day is your chance to make one.  It won’t matter if it is a bit wonky, the bees won’t mind.  But you will be the proud owner of a unique piece of beekeeping equipment.

You won’t complete your skep on the day but you will go home with sufficient materials to enable you to do so.

Places are limited to 15, so it is first come, first served. As of July 24th, this course is now fully booked

If you wish to be contacted in case of a cancellation - please complete the form HERE. Please do not pay for the day, however, until you have been informed that you definitely have a place.