beekeeping training at the apiary

Introductory Training

Warwick & Leamington Beekeepers (WLBK) offers training at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels, as well as providing workshops such as skep-making, swarm collection and making use of wax.

WLBK Taster Days

Each Summer, WLKB offers one or more "Taster Days". These provide the opportunity to handle bees (if the delegate wishes), and decide whether beekeeping is for you.  Others attend just for general knowledge and personal satisfaction.
Further information on our Beekeeping Taster Days

WLBK Introduction to Beekeeping Course (ITB) 2024

W&L Beekeepers holds weekend courses in Spring each year, covering the major basic theory elements of managing honey bees.  The course enables attendees to enjoy looking after their own beehives safely and competently and is a first step in beekeeping. The course complements hands-on training which is available at most of the branches that course participants may wish to join.  Being a Member of Warwick & Leamington Beekeepers is not a pre-requisite to joining our Introduction to Beekeeping Course.

20th / 21st April 2024
9am to 5pm on both days. | Kings Hill Nurseries, Kings Hill Lane. CV3 6PS

Cost: £80

Limited to 20 participants

To sign up please go to Introduction to Beekeeping 2024

WLBK  "Hands on" Practical Beekeeping Training (PBT)

For those wanting to complement theory with practice, our branch will then provide its novice members with a more experienced beekeeper as a mentor,  one evening per week practical training at our training apiary near Kenilworth/Warwick University and will give guidance on sourcing equipment and a colony of bees.

Further information on our Practical Beekeeping Training
Your learning curve at both theory and practical levels will have been steep in your first year, and rewarded hopefully, by successfully bringing colonies through their first Winter.

Towards the Basic 2023

Have you completed one or more seasons of beekeeping? If so, now is the time to prepare for The ‘Basic’ Assessment in Summer 2023. This is a practical assessment, usually done in our Training Apiary and arranged at a time to suit you.

The BBKA Basic Assessment is a confirmation of your Basic Beekeeping Skills and a requirement for entering other BBKA assessments. The syllabus for the Basic is on the BBKA web site.

Our branch runs a refresher course (Towards the Basic Course – ‘TTB’) which builds on your Introductory Course to allow  help you undertake the assessment with confidence and enjoy it. These sessions will be led by a number of very experienced members of the Branch. After these sessions we will also do a practical apiary session and “mock” assessments before the real ones in the summer. Your basic assessment is done during the beekeeping season at a time which suits you. Dates, venues and costs of these sessions for 2024 will be announced shortly.