Warwick & Leamington Beekeepers Child Protection Policy

This document recognises and the branch accepts the broad policy guidance given by the BBKA in its Policy Guideline No 1 – Working with Children and Vulnerable people.  However, Warwick and Leamington beekeepers child protection policy distils from that a limited number of aspects which impact on our day to day activities and must be complied with by all members during Branch activities.

Responsibility for the Safety and Welfare of Children

Children that participate in Branch beekeeping activities must be Junior Members of the Branch and be accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian* at all times.  No member is expected to act in loco parentis unless specifically requested and authorised to do so.

Children attending Branch social functions must be accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian

In the event that a Branch event is organized specifically for a number of children, at least two parents or authorized guardians (not from the same family) should be present and there must be a ratio of at least one parent/guardian to every six children.

Parents should be present with all children less than 5 years of age.

Written consent, including emergency contact details should be obtained for all children who do not have a responsible adult with them.  This consent should include consent for Emergency First Aid and include information about allergies and regular medication (e.g for asthma etc).

Adults should be made aware that at no time should they be left alone with a child or small group of children; always be within sight or reasonable view of another adult.



Photographs should not be taken and/or published of children without parental consent.


Complaints or Breaches of this Policy

In the event of a complaint about the treatment of a child while involved in a branch activity or an alleged breach of this policy, the nature of the issue should be communicated in writing to either the current Branch Deputy Chair or Secretary**.  The recipient will as soon as possible convene a meeting of the Branch Officers, who will decide the appropriate course of action to be followed.


*Authorized Guardian.  An application for membership of the Branch by a young person requires countersignature by a Member parent who undertakes responsibility for that child.  However, the Branch does not wish to preclude a child from membership if no beekeeper parent is available.  The application form therefore permits the nomination of a  guardian who is a member, also countersigned by the parent.


**This enables an appeal to be made to the Chair should this be necessary.


Tim Foden

Branch Secretary

August 2014